2017 Sustainability Report


Watermark Partnerships

Xylem Watermark got its start as a program focused on community development, and that legacy continues today. We work with six nonprofit partners who provide access to clean water, sanitation solutions, education and disaster relief around the world. These partnerships are an essential way we continue to solve water and, together, we accomplished much during 2017.

Planet Water Foundation

Constructs innovative aqua towers to provide clean water, as well as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) education to schools and communities in Southeast Asia & Latin America.

aqua towers constructed in seven countries

Fundación Avina

Builds water cisterns and water towers that provide access to clean water to schools and communities in Brazil’s semi-arid region and in Amazonian communities.

cisterns constructed

EarthEcho International

Organizes the Water Monitoring Challenge™ to build awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world. As the leading sponsor of the EarthEcho Water Monitoring Challenge, Xylem helps to support the participation of 44,000 global participants who utilize more than 6,400 water quality testing kits.

  • More than 250 Xylem employees used these water quality testing kits in nine countries to help nearly 600 students learn about the water quality in their own communities.


Protects clean water through disaster risk reduction and responding to water-related emergencies around the world.

(from earthquake, flood and hurricane relief)

Water for People

Provides access to clean water and WASH education to schools and communities in West Bengal, India.

schools impacted
surrounding communities impacted
students & teachers and
community members Provided with access to drinking water

China Women’s Development Foundation

Supplies schools throughout China with improved sanitation and clean water sources.

water projects implemented in schools across China

Xylem provides funding, as well as Xylem experts and volunteers who help our partners implement their programs. We perform continuous evaluation of partners’ progress and impact. With all projects, we seek solutions that will benefit communities over the long term. Our work with Planet Water is a powerful illustration of this approach.

St. Joseph’s Home in Montana; Cape Town, South Africa

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) curriculum, which is designed to teach healthy habits to children, has become a critical component of the programs implemented by Xylem Watermark’s nonprofit partners. WASH programs in schools significantly reduce hygiene-related disease, increase student attendance and learning achievement, and contribute to dignity and gender equality.

In 2017, we sponsored Planet Water’s Project24 initiative for the third consecutive year, helping our partner install six clean water filtration systems in five communities. Our volunteers also helped to provide WASH education in those communities. Since beginning our partnership in 2010, Xylem WASH education initiatives, water tower builds, and school and community water projects in partnership with Planet Water have touched the lives of more than 300,000 people in Cambodia, China, Colombia, India, Philippines and Thailand.