2016 Sustainability Report

2016 Sustainability Report


Watermark Employee Volunteerism

The newest component of Xylem Watermark was launched in 2016 and is designed to help build a culture of volunteerism and social engagement across our company. We kicked off this effort with a pledge to log at least 100,000 employee volunteer hours for water-related activities within three years. Through this effort, we’re encouraging our colleagues to roll up their sleeves and help solve water within their own communities.

One hour may not make a difference to you, but like water droplets in a bucket, collectively we can make an impact.

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With the launch of our new engagement platform, more than 21,000 hours were logged by over 3,700 volunteers in 2016. That’s a 2,200+ percent increase in hours logged by employee volunteers over 2015. We’re increasing engagement by starting at the top of our organization, with each of our senior leaders leading teams in a Watermark activity. To make it easy for employees to get involved, we have organized activities such as Walks for Water, water source cleanups and community education programs. Employees can also propose or participate in projects on their own. Through an online portal, MyWatermark, Xylem employees can connect with colleagues, sign up for projects and track their volunteer time.

We are continuing to refine the program for 2017 and beyond. At the end of 2016, we conducted an all-employee survey to gather feedback on Watermark initiatives. One employee suggestion that we’re implementing is to assign a theme to each quarter of the year. As we improve our programming, we hope to find ways to connect the global water crisis to employees’ lives — so that they can help spread awareness and solutions close to home.

Global Month of Service
Our engagement efforts paid off in a big way during our inaugural Global Month of Service, held in October 2016. Throughout the month, employees helped advance our mission of solving water through donations, service projects and grants to community organizations.

Xylem Watermark in
New Orleans

We kicked off our Watermark 2016 Global Month of Service by helping replenish critical wetlands in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Xylem Watermark in India

Since 2008, Xylem Watermark has completed more than 500 water projects in India, benefitting over 484,000 people.

Xylem Watermark in Asia

In 2016, Xylem employees participated in an ambitious project to build innovative water towers and bring water education to schools and communities in Asia, through our Watermark volunteer programs.