2017 Sustainability Report

Water & Infrastructure Solutions


Our smart technology products and software-enabled solutions are creating a smarter way forward across the globe in the face of some of the world’s most severe water and infrastructure challenges.

For example, our Sensus FlexNet communications network provides customers with real-time monitoring across their water network to quickly diagnose problems and enhance their operational efficiency.

As an example, we’re working with Zhenjiang Waterworks Company, a large Chinese water utility, on a pilot project to help solve Zhenjiang’s non-revenue water challenges. The project includes a suite of Xylem’s water management technologies, including advanced water treatment, water monitoring, intelligent water metering and smart water platform. The agreement also includes Xylem’s Visenti-branded smart water network management system and software for monitoring the 19-kilometer main pipeline near Jinxi Water Plant and 7-kilometer sub-pipelines in Taoyuan village of Zhenjiang, as well as evaluating the risks of a 3-kilometer pipeline at Mengxi Road.

In 2017, our Visenti business successfully completed installations in Singapore, the Middle East, Australia and Europe. In fact, Visenti’s analytics platform powers two of the world’s largest smart water network deployments. For PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, a network of sensors connected to Visenti’s analytics platform has been installed in the water supply network system to help Singapore monitor in real time the water quality, water flow and water pressure in its water supply network. This has enabled PUB to respond faster to any anomalies detected and mitigate the potential impact to PUB’s operations and water supply to its customers.

Product Applications

2017 witnessed some of the most devastating natural weather events on record, including Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, and severe flooding in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Natural disasters are a severe pain point for many of Xylem’s customers and they exact a huge economic, social and environmental toll on individuals and communities.

Xylem is taking a leadership role in helping communities prepare for water-related challenges and disasters. This is the purpose of Building Resilience: Creating Strong and Sustainable Cities and Communities, a report published by Xylem in 2017. It outlines the challenges communities face as they anticipate, prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters and environmental challenges. Through a variety of case studies, the report illustrates how advanced technologies can help communities ensure water security, strengthen critical infrastructure, drive response and recovery, and engage community stakeholders to build resilience.

Water reuse, or recycled water, can help meet growing water demands, particularly in the wake of droughts. Xylem’s advanced water reuse solutions produce high-quality potable water at a lower life-cycle cost than developing a new water supply, with valuable environmental benefits. In 2015, Xylem was commissioned to deliver a unique water reuse system as part of Los Angeles’ Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant expansion. Xylem’s Wedeco MiPRO photo Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) was selected to ensure that the purified water complies with California’s stringent groundwater recharge regulations for indirect potable reuse in the safest, most cost-effective way. In 2017, the Terminal Island Water Reclamation Plant expansion was completed and now purifies and recycles more than 12 million gallons of water per day for beneficial use.

Turnkey Wastewater Applications

When disaster strikes, Xylem has the solutions to help communities recover quickly and sustainably. For instance, following an historic 16 inches of rainfall in Memphis, Tennessee, that eroded the soil supporting a 96-inch sewer main carrying wastewater, Xylem installed a turnkey bypass solution to maintain sewer services. The project included the construction of a 2,400-foot-long, 40-foot-wide road through swampland to access the site. A team of nearly 200 Xylem engineers, along with Memphis Public Works and contractor personnel, completed the bypass in just six days.

Helping our utility customers bring safe, clean water to end-users through a variety of Xylem’s treatment technologies continues to be an important priority.

Xylem’s ultraviolet (UV) disinfection solutions employ leading-edge technology to help mitigate increasing contaminants in the earth’s water supply. Xylem partnered with the City of Columbus, Ohio, in 2017 to deliver our disinfection solutions for two of the city’s major drinking water plants. The energy-efficient UV technologies serve as an additional treatment barrier for Cryptosporidium – a dangerous, chlorine-resistant parasite – in each facility to ensure safe, reliable, affordable drinking water for the residents of Columbus. We also partnered with the City of West Palm Beach on a similar project, installing our Wedeco-branded UV treatment technology, which will deliver safe, clean drinking water for 110,000 Floridians.