2017 Sustainability Report

Water & Infrastructure Solutions

Capabilities: Leveraging Technology to Solve Water

To understand where our business is going, it helps to understand where we’ve been. Since Xylem became an independent company in 2011, our business has generally focused on providing advanced technologies and services related to the management of water and wastewater in a variety of end markets.

This means we were a localized company, for the most part, with a large base of installed products across the globe. And this continues to enable us to maintain relationships with water and wastewater treatment facilities and a wide variety of water users around the world. That local connection is a significant part of our foundation and differentiates us moving forward.

Today, many of our customers’ monitoring products are only used periodically and on an inefficient, manual basis. Monitoring for a variety of parameters often requires on-site inspections. Through technology, we’re changing that line of sight by providing solutions that enable continuous, remote evaluation.

One solution that is playing an increasingly pivotal role for utilities is our FlexNet® communications network, which became a part of our portfolio with the acquisition of Sensus in 2016. This communications network provides Xylem’s customers with the ability to monitor their water network, identify problems remotely and quickly, and deploy personnel to more efficiently solve key water issues, such as leaks that might affect the clean water supply for a community. Greater insight and visibility leads to smarter work, which ultimately means less waste in the water supply.

For example, Washington, Indiana, USA, is a small city that is enjoying significant growth. But with growth came the challenge of an aging utility infrastructure that struggled to support the needs of its growing community.

Washington’s outdated electric and water infrastructure made it difficult to track meters or monitor for issues such as water leaks and power outages. City leaders knew that an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution was the right approach, particularly one that would unify water and electric metering under a single solution while integrating with the current billing system.

They chose Xylem’s Sensus FlexNet® communication network and Sensus Analytics to securely collect and transmit customer usage data for more accurate and efficient billing. With FlexNet, staff are monitoring usage and can report issues to customers in near real time. In addition, Washington Municipal Utilities replaced 7,500 electric meters with our iCon A™ Generation 3 residential electricity meters and iCONAPX™ electricity meters. In conjunction with these upgrades, the utility replaced 4,500 water meters with our own SR II® water meters and SmartPoint® 520M pit set modules.

Working together, we were able to provide a multi-faceted solution to help alleviate some very serious pain points for our customer. In the end, our customer is now able to spend more time and resources on taking care of the community it serves.

Leading Infrastructure Analytics

Xylem augmented its capabilities in 2017 by taking a close look at how we can disrupt the traditional ways of managing water infrastructure and improve the economics of managing water. We’re investing heavily in building our Advanced Infrastructure Analytics (AIA) platform, which brings together a portfolio of advanced technologies to help customers to better understand the state of their network infrastructure through condition assessments, identify and prioritize problem areas early in the cycle, and allocate resources accordingly to improve their return on investment and extend the life of their assets. This technology-​enabled approach can reduce the capital burden that our customers and their communities face.

Pure Technologies Leading the AIA Platform

Pure Technologies, acquired in early 2018, serves as the foundation of this AIA platform and furthers Xylem’s disruptive platform of diagnostic, analytics and optimization solutions for clean and wastewater networks, as well as critical energy resource infrastructure. Pure’s leadership position in intelligent condition assessment and leak detection solutions brings Xylem to the forefront of expertise in addressing the problem of aging infrastructure to decrease non-revenue water and improve the capital efficiency of our customers’ operations.

EmNet and Valor Water Analytics Expand AIA Expertise

Also included in our AIA platform are the acquired businesses of EmNet and Valor Water Analytics. EmNet provides network modeling and optimization solutions that enable municipalities to manage their urban water cycle, including their wastewater and stormwater systems. EmNet’s open architecture platform – BLU-X – provides big data analytics in real time, helping solve cities’ wastewater and watershed challenges. EmNet’s real-time analysis solutions can indicate when to open and close valves in the wastewater system, enabling flow to be directed into pipes where capacity is available to prevent polluting of waterways or even buildings.

Valor’s core technology is its Hidden Revenue Locator, an automated software designed to locate forms of revenue loss occurring on a utility’s system of meters, from inaccurate meters to theft. Bringing Valor’s solutions to our customers is another way we are helping utility customers address non-revenue water and more effectively use their constrained budgets.

Adding additional real-time monitoring and actionable insights to Xylem’s portfolio enables us to offer end-to-end solutions to water challenges around the world. Leveraging advanced technologies and data analytics at scale, Xylem is working with customers to make a greater impact on critical water issues.